Friday, April 18, 2008


As I said last week, travelling is interesting. Not only do you get to people-watch but you get to culture-watch too. The first time I visited Denmark I was very surprised by the beds in everyone's homes. Beautiful comfortable beds but always with
two single duvets rather than one double duvet. Thomas explained Danes, for the most part, just don't own double (or bigger) duvets. There seem to be 2 common excuses - people like different weights of duvet, so a common one for a couple doesn't work, or people are wary of duvet hoggers, so don't want to share with a partner. I find this utterly bizarre. If you want to be cooler than a partner, stick your feet out the side, if you want to be warmer, stick an extra blanket on top on your side and if you happen to live with fajita man (as I do) then simply buy a king size duvet for your double bed - then there is plenty cover for both of you. However comfortable I am in Denmark, I do find the single duvet system a little lonely, and when I reach out for a hug, I find a big cold gap in the middle between us :-(

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