Thursday, April 17, 2008


huggy brothers
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Up till about a month ago Léon happily told us his likes and dislikes. I like cappuccino, I don't like that bad dragon. One afternoon Marcel was playing on his computer with his friend Gregor. They'd closed the door locking Léon out of the bedroom. Léon came downstairs whining in that way only a 2 year old can whine Nénaw can't like Marcel and Nénaw can't like that Gregor either! Both Thomas and I took this as being Léon's way of explaining a deeper annoyance with Marcel than usual. For a month now we have been told of various things Léon 'can't like'. Tonight, as if struck by lightning, it came to us both at the same time. This isn't a different degree of hatred, it is simply a bilingual problem. Léon is simply back-translating the Danish wrongly. In Danish you say : Jeg kan ikke lide Marcel. Sweet!

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