Sunday, January 06, 2008


Siblings are puzzling. Take Marcel and Charlotte. When they are sitting about downstairs with us, Charlotte appears on the surface to be more willing to help with setting the table, or tidying the living room. She argues and grumps less when asked to lend a hand. One might even be tempted to conclude that she is less lazy, more helpful and tidier. However, when you set foot in their own rooms, a whole other story shows itself. If I open Marcel's bedroom door, I may find the odd sweetie wrapper or empty coke can, and if I open his wardrobe, the clean washing I have asked him to put away is there inside neatly in piles of T-shirts, underwear, school clothes etc, all on separate shelves, much as I would do myself. Charlotte's room, on the other hand, if you can get the door open, is a minefield of dirty clothes strewn on the floor, her wardrobe has everything I have just ironed, thrown in together on one shelf and often mixed with dirty clothes she has put back in the wardrobe (arg). This is as far from my own personality as you get. Even looking in her wardrobe makes me a nervous wreck. I couldn't bear to live in such a chaotic way. I find it interesting that on the surface I feel she is more like me, while scratching it shows quite the opposite. I think Marcel is fairly lazy but likes order, whereas Charlotte, though dynamic and helpful, can tolerate a much higher level of chaos. It will be interesting to visit their homes as adults. I fear Charlotte's student dorm may be so scary, I may find myself twitching nervously for days after a visit! And to be quite frank, I think they would both do well to work hard at school, as both would function better as adults, if they manage to earn a salary high enough to pay for 'staff' ;-)
I wonder what Léon and Anna will bring to the chaos in a few years time?

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