Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I've been having fun today talking to East Renfrewshire Council . First I had to phone them because of the kitchen saga. When I rang MFI yesterday for an appointment, they informed me they wouldn't design me a new kitchen unless I already had a building warrant to move my kitchen into another room - sorry? I have to pay the council money for a planning application to change the internal layout of the rooms in my house, to improve them for my own use, in a way that no one from the outside can see, and wait 8 weeks for the paperwork - 8 weeks in kitchen hell - give me a break!? (Oh this also applies to turning a cupboard into a toilet... must mention to mum and dad they live in an unsellable house with an illegal shoe cupboard!) A great start - grrr - bloody council.
Later today when trying to put out my bin, but being unable to, as it was full half way through the week as always, I got the idea to ring the council once more. This time I asked for the refuse department and asked how I went about getting an extra wheelie bin. Oh you can't, came the reply, we encourage recycling you see! Yes I know you encourage recycling - that's why I already put all my glass, paper, tins etc in my blue bin but you see 6 people create more than one bin of non-recyclable rubbish a week. I pointed out my bin was the same size as my parents' bin three streets away and enquired whether the little girl on the switchboard thought that 2 pensioners used the same bin capacity as 2 adults and 4 kids. Probably not but the only solution is to recycle more, she told me she could offer me a free extra blue recycling bin but no extra normal bin! So from now on I guess I need to buy beer instead of milk for Léon as they recycle beer cans and bottles but not plastic milk bottles. Oh and I should stick to tinned food instead of fresh as they'll recycle my tins but not fresh food packaging!
Oh and a final rant - I asked if they could make a bulk uplift from my address as my old fridge and freezer and packaging from the new one are currently making my garden look like a dump to save me spending a day driving up and down to the dump filling my beautiful car with dirty rubbish - sure they said - £20 per 15 minutes spent by their guys.
Remind me what it is I pay council tax for? Oh yeah - the decent schools...


The Scudder said...

Christ, tell everybody why don't you !!??
If the Cooncil come asking questions YOU'RE Paying !!

The Scudder said...

Think I'll also ask the Cooncil if they think two pensioners use the same water as a 2+4 family ?? Maybe I'll get a rebate in my water rates that'll pay for my planning application :(

The Scudder said...

Why not take their free blue bin and just give it a coat of grey paint ,,, THINK :)