Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Potty training
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With us all home for the next 2 weeks, now seems like the optimum time for potty training. I had intended to start about 8 weeks ago but as I was completely unable to bend over to scrub the carpet, I decided it had to be on hold till after the bump arrived. So today we started. Two potties were strategically placed downstairs, old pants were looked out, bribes of chocolate were offered, we explained how big a boy he'd be to use his potty, how only babies needed nappies etc etc. And the result 12 hours on? No pees in the potty, 4 wet pairs of pants and, I believe absolutely no clue of what he is meant to be doing! :-( Tomorrow I am going to take him to choose some 'big boy' pants of his own in the hope that will inspire him slightly more...

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