Friday, January 25, 2008


Too much information I am sure, but don't worry, no photo attached...yes I have got cracked nipples for the first time ever. That little leech has totally destroyed the right one and partially grazed the left. Odd - the others never did that. Mind you, I have noticed recently she's not been opening her mouth widely enough but rather sucking it in lazily past her gums. My mistake was not to correct her, assuming my battleworn boobs could cope with anything the little people could throw at them. Wrong! Ouch!
I now have the challenge of trying to express milk - something I am not particularly good at and I hate doing with a passion - for next Friday complete with wounded boobs, as Thomas and I had intended to attend HarperCollins annual dinner dance for the lovely meal. And however much I enjoy a free meal at the Marriot, I am not willing to compromise my 'not a single mouthful of formula before solid food' motto that I have rigidly stuck to always as I hate the stuff with a passion and all it represents. I guess if the boob continues to ache, I could always wear something loose and hide her inside just till the meal is over ;-)

...lucky for me Thomas happens to have a tube of the antiseptic cream Danish farmers use on cows with sore udders...what?! Cultural differences between close European countries never cease to astound and perplex me!

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