Wednesday, January 02, 2008


monopoly, modern style
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Thomas's parents bought Marcel monopoly for his birthday in July. With a 2 year old and an 11 day old baby, we couldn't find a function to attend to bring in the new year, so decided letting the big ones stay up past midnight to play monopoly while drinking shloer, was a reasonable compromise. The first thing that struck me about the new monopoly was the inflationary hike in prices. My 1970s London version gave me £200 for passing go. This new Danish version gave me 2 000 000 Danish Kroner (about £200 000).
The chance cards were also more modern: I won a million in a reality TV programme and was fined for using my mobile while driving!
Even the tokens were modern: a mobile phone, a hamburger and a roller blade boot!
The hotels (see photo) are now NY-type sky scrapers, but the most radical, if you look at the photo has to be that there is no money any more! Thomas is paying his 1 million fine for landing on Marcel's hotel by VISA, and Marcel is registering it on his electronic card reader!
I feel old!

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