Friday, May 11, 2007


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I'm not a great weetabix fan - I can just about stomach the mini ones with the chocolate drops in but the plain stuff isn't really food (for humans anyway, is it?) It occurred to me this morning clearing up after breakfast that maybe I am using it for the wrong purpose. It isn't cereal for small kids, it's wallpaper paste, it's mortar for housebuilding, it's tile adhesive and grout, isn't it? Have you ever tried to get it off the walls? off the high chair? or worse still off the baby's face? Dried-in for 5 minutes, it is stuck so fast I am afraid I will scar him for life by cleaning him. Obviously, I can't hold him under water long enough for it to dissolve without killing him, but if I rub it (with the sandpaper necessary to remove it) I will pull the heads off all his dried up chicken pox and leave him with a complexion that may mean he's still single at 50! :-\

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