Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have not had the least stressful week of my life. Léon (as you know) decided to get a lovely dose of chicken pox so I couldn't take him to nursery. I had a big report to write for work so I couldn't take a holiday. André is away on holiday so I had no one else who could babysit and could hardly ask any friends or relatives with kids. Also with André away,I had to be in several places at the one time - schoolrun on the south side of the city, babysitting in the middle of the city, work on the north side of the city. (When are they finally going to invent human cloning?) So I was stressed. I was trying to work from home, working from 8 or 9 till nearly midnight so I could care for a crying baby when he was awake. I was exhausted and stressed.
So why did the bloody car decide to play silly buggers? I drove the kids to school on Friday and it felt odd, the gears were a bit wobbly. After working I drove back and the engine growled and banged, the gears jumped into neutral, I tried to do a 3 point turn and the car refused to go into reverse. I burst into tears and may have uttered the 'F' word. I don't need a £500 bill for a new gearbox a month before the summer holiday. Waaaah - why is life so hard? I knew it had to be the clutch or the gearbox. Dad had a shot, and suggested we asked our mechanic friend Ian. He took it for a spin and confirmed something was going on. He stuck it up on a ramp and looked underneath and announced - the bolt the holds the gearbox in place has fallen out - it is a 2 minute, free repair job! RELIEEEEEEEF!
Thanks Ian! I can definitely highly recommend 'Thornliebank Motor Engineers' to any stressed motorist.

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The Scudder said...

What ? No recommendations for the cuddling, diagnosing father who told you it definitely wasn't a terminal gearbox or clutch !
Waaaaa :)