Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm not usually a great blogger of politics but I have to have an itsy bitsy rant about the libdem party. Maybe I'm politically naive/apathetic but it seems to me that the libdems have spent the last 20 odd years (or however long it's been since the two Davids got together back in my student days) campaigning for 2 things:
  • proportional representation
  • to be taken seriously as a political force

Over the past 3 weeks they have single-handedly, more or less destroyed both. In both the Scottish and Welsh parliaments, they have refused to even enter coalition talks, therefore showing everyone why first-past-the-post is the only workable solution and they have dismayed all their voters, losing their political credibility. Well done them on what has to be one of the least successful three weeks in the history of UK politics! :-\

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