Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I don't know about anyone else but I will be glad once this Scottish election is done and dusted. In the old days we had 4 parties: Labour, Libdem, SNP and Tories and that was about it really - with a 'first past the post' system the weirdos tended to stay well tucked under their stones. Now, however, when they actually stand a chance, we are having to put up with all sorts of filth and madness being posted through our letterboxes from the Independent loonies standing for election on a single issue such as 'please don't have fortnightly refuse collections', to the highly objectionable BNP, whose policies I won't repeat, to the nutters who posted us a leaflet today - they seemed to be calling themselves the 'Scottish Christian Party' but if you read their leaflet they seemed to actually be the 'Scottish Homophobic party', campaigning on the main issue of making homosexual teenagers have to sit through lessons explaining to them what an abomination they are in God's eyes. Give me strength!
Well I suppose it helps to know the spectrum of objectionable people we have to walk the face of this Earth with.

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John said...

Hello from Berneray (population 128) in the Outer Hebrides.

Have voted, and blogged, and taken pictures. A fine day for it all:

Hope the weather is as good for you there.