Saturday, May 19, 2007


I've been using Vista now on my new laptop for a couple of months and it is really nice. It looks pretty, works well, the new office programs like WORD are lovely. I can't fault it...well except for one incompatibility that I find surprising to say the least. There seems to be one website Vista isn't too happy to let me in to - go on guess? WRONG! Hotmail, believe it or not! For the first few weeks it was fine but in the last 3 weeks, I get a login error approximately 40% of the time. So on those occasions, I am forced to log on to a second computer in the house, running either Windows XP or UBUNTU linux and read my mail from there - how ridiculous is that? Now am I being thick here, or is Vista a Microsoft product as is hotmail? If there was one web mail service I would expect to work on Vista without a hiccup - surely it should be hotmail, no?
Anyway - if they don't fix it over the summer, I will seriously be considering dumping the email address I have had for the past 10 years in favour of a googlemail or yahoo equivalent. So Microsoft - GET IT FIXED NOW, please!


Sebastian said...

I thought you could use your Outlook to go fetch your mail from Hotmail, so you don't need their webinterface - or you could go get FreePOPs to make your real emailclient (like Eudora or some other non-MS stuff) able of getting mail out of Hotmail, Yahoo and the other just web-mail mails.

The Scudder said...