Sunday, January 19, 2020

Need a name

Léon is very sweet. He's fully taken to his new life and is trying very hard to embrace everything as a true Dane. Last week he bounced home and pointed out he had noticed on his walk home that almost all the bigger houses around here have names: there is, of course, Rugård, which our street is named after, there is also Damgård, Banggård, Hjørnegård and several more. The thing they all have in common is the gård as they are old farms, so given our house was also once a tiny farm, he's decided it also needs to be X-gård. He thought long and hard about it then decided the obvious name for him to give our house is Hyggegård, because, to him, life in Denmark is just epitomised by hygge! I'm sure I'm going to come home some night to him painting it in Gothic script above the archway into the house! Love that boy!😂

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