Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Day One

Today marks day one of the great conversion. When we moved in here we had not only a 70-odd m2 garage but also a further garage and tool room that was even bigger and a barn of the same size.

Given we also have a big enough driveway that we have managed to have all Thomas's work colleagues round at the same time with their cars, we decided we could dispense with the main garage and convert it into a kind of spare/extended part of the house, not only so the two older kids could have a room to call their own, but so we could house our crazy numbers of books and have people to stay in the summer (or whenever). This garage is larger than the upper floor of our house in Kinloch, so adding it is no small thing - it will take the living area up to about 300m2 (almost double what we had in Scotland - 162m2). Not to mention, both it and the main house are bungalows with proper roof space, so should we one day win the lotto, we can actually double the size of our house! So, this is going to be an on-going feature, but today is perhaps the last time, in our time of residence, that our garage is going to look like this!

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