Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Leavers' hoodies

I've seen a number of kids around Newton Mearns over the last week or two wearing various High School leavers' hoodies. That's no different from any other year. They all seem to say Leavers 15 on the back, with the names of all the leavers contained within the number, and the school badge on the front. When Marcel came in with his on Monday I noticed that in addition his had his nickname 'Frenchy' on the back. I then noticed two of his friends had uploaded a photo of the backs of theirs sporting the names 'Rab' and 'Cookie'. So I asked him if, unlike the other schools, they had all put nicknames on theirs rather than just the year. He replied that 95% of them had, but a few had opted to leave theirs blank. 'Why was that?' I inquired, naively... 'Well, John didn't think his parents would be too happy if he came in wearing a hoody with Shagger written on the back, and he thought it might be a bit difficult to explain too!'

Well, I did ask!

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