Thursday, April 23, 2015

Five year old philosophy

Anna and Amaia are very different. Anna is very extrovert and confident. She's always first to volunteer when the school needs someone to stand up and sing to the parents, play a role in a play or give a talk to the school inspectors! Amaia is shy, especially around strangers and comes across as a quiet little thing. It therefore surprised me yesterday when I overheard this conversation between them...

They had been playing earlier with the neighbour's daughters: Kayleigh (10) and Sophie (7). Suddenly one of Kayleigh's schoolfriends came calling and was also in their garden.

Amaia: Let's go see Kayleigh and Sophie.
Anna: Maybe later.
Amaia: Why not now?
Anna: Kayleigh's friend is there and I don't know her. I'm not sure about playing with a stranger...
Amaia: Oh, come on. Don't you realize all the friends you have today started out as strangers?!

Not only was the quiet little one encouraging the stronger personality, she'd also hit on quite a philosophical argument for a 5 year old who isn't even in school yet. I'm still learning something new about my kids every day. They'll never cease to amaze me.

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