Friday, April 08, 2011


So how did I get on with my to-do list?

  1. finish painting the hall YES
  2. fix, plaster and paint the hall ceiling YES
  3. remove all dandelions from the lawn YES - give or take...
  4. tidy every room EMMMM - maybe tomorrow
  5. put coat hooks in the upstairs cupboard Hooks are on the floor ready to be installed - does that count?
  6. put light in upstairs cupboard NO
  7. clear out garage and take rubbish to the dump NO
  8. dye old blue shoes navy YES
  9. dye purple coat in attempt to save it YES
  10. put up hall and kitchen blinds NOT EVEN CLOSE :-(
  11. chisel off broken tiles on outside staircase front and back NO
  12. paint front of house white NO
I also fitted in making mum Mother's day dinner, making dad a birthday cake and visiting him and mum twice and I spent a whole day weeding too. I guess that is probably better than expected.

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