Thursday, April 28, 2011


Given the weather has been stunning for close to three weeks I don't want to be a real stick in the mud so I'll just quickly list a few things that have annoyed me this week without over-ranting, just this once!

Rant One: Tesco is pissing me off - signs up everywhere on their garage forecourt telling me how much time I'll save if I pay at the pump. I want to pay at the pump but given they are charging £139.9 a litre and when you stick your credit card in the pump it limits you to £99, how exactly am I meant to fill up my 80 litre car? Maybe I am meant to put in 70 litres and then go inside to pay for the last ten... either bring down the price or update your bloody pumps Tesco (preferably the former!)

Rant Two: Mickey mouse phonetics... when you have spent all your best years working in dictionaries, you find it hard to believe IPA phonetics aren't on the primary school syllabus. And I won't even comment on their attempt at French. This current Stella ad makes me scream every time I drive past it. Grrrr!

And while I am being pedantic... would someone please fire the person who is in charge of the messages on the motorway gantries between Newton Mearns and Glasgow. Mr "Fuller Cars, Less Queues" himself... gimme strength!

Ok, back to the nice weather now.

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