Sunday, November 28, 2010


When I was pregnant I signed up to a website that would give me a couple of lines weekly telling me what was happening with my unborn baby. I didn't know at the time that the web page would continue to send me updates after the baby was born. No problems there... except it turned out to be an American page and some of the ideas it sends me leave me open-mouthed. Take today's advice for example: What Might Concern You at 46 Weeks

Does your baby see you naked? If so, there is no need to be concerned. At this age your baby doesn't know what nudity is, nor will they remember what they have seen. This is true for kids through the toddler years.

However by the time your child could go to preschool, the opinions on this change. While most experts believe that a child seeing a parent of the same sex undressed is ok, they believe that a child seeing a parent of the opposite sex undressed should be avoided.

Sorry, but why do our friends across the pond believe the world comes to an end if a four year old child sees mummy's nipple? Nudity only becomes a problem when you make it one. I know it'll horrify them but my children (all of my children) are happy to walk in on me in the bath and ask what's for dinner or even sit on the loo asking for homework help while I get washed. Not only are they not traumatized by my wrinkly old body, they actually don't even notice it! Reading this kind of nonsense just underlines to me quite how European I am!


The Scudder said...

Or how bloody DAFT the Yanks really are !!

Phyl said...


Babies Online said...

First of all, I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying our newsletters.

To respond to your post, Americans are a bit more modest than our friends in Europe. It may sound silly to you that nudity is a concern to some of our parents, but that is how it is in the states.

We always enjoy hearing the opinions of our overseas friends so please do let us know next time you find something intriguing in our emails.

Shannon Anderson
President, Babies, Inc.