Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Jim Murphy MP has had a little election leaflet dropped through my door. On it he lists his priorities:
  • working hard for the young,
  • protecting child tax credits
Fair enough... He then goes on to list:
  • keeping East Ren's schools the best in Scotland,
  • building houses to rent,
  • free bus travel for pensioners,
  • policing,
  • cancer treatment,
  • NHS,
  • local school catchment areas
Funny that - as far as I'm aware these issues are all devolved to the Scottish parliament - so it seems if we vote Mr Murphy back in he will work on two minor issues while riding on the back of the local MSP's achievements.
Now I know why the man was too busy to help my volcano-stricken family last month.
Mr Murphy - my head does not button up the back!


The Scudder said...

Or to put it perhaps more succinctly ,,, Murphy, you're an arse ,,, Get up early Frid morning ,,the dole queue awaits !

Unknown said...

Hmmmm ... if all the local issues that people care about are all dealt with by the MSP, what is the purpose of a Scottish MP?

If most matters of everyday importance are devolved to the Scottish Parliament, doesn't that mean that Scottish MPs are much of the time voting on issues that only affect England? That doesn't seem fair.

It doesn't seem fair that Scotland gets to have a proportionally elected parliament for Scottish affairs and England is stuck with FPTP and a parliament where Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs get to have a vote on English affairs!

The Scudder said...

You're right Rob ,, the English should have their own ,, and go away & leave us in peace !

The Scudder said...

Nothing personal of course :-)