Friday, May 21, 2010


As we enter our third year of visits to Yorkhill still no closer to resolving Léon's ever-changing spot issue, it is with a mixture of despair and resignation that I watched today as his entire body broke out in spots, lumps and scratches from simply running barefoot across the grass. He wasn't allergic to grass last summer but this summer it looks like grass is going to be added to the ever-growing indeterminate list of mild but upsetting allergies - egg, marshmallows, shampoo, soap, various sweets, grass etc etc. Despite the fact that he is on a daily dose of 20ml of antihistamines all year round, the grass took less than ten minutes to do this to his legs, arms and feet (check out the picture full-size). When he used to show an allergic reaction to something, I'd rush for the antihistamines - now he has the reactions after his daily dose, I'm at a loss for a plan B :-( It is so frustrating to have no obvious solution to his painful and distressing problem.

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