Thursday, May 13, 2010


I like school gala day. It isn't that beat the goalie, rides on a pony and a raffle for a bottle of £2 shampoo are my thing, it is more the opportunity to surreptitiously offload old toys to their toy stall that appeals. Rather than the guilt at binning old and broken toys, you can convince the kids that letting the primary school sell them for school funds is a noble act.
This year however it came back to bite me in the bum. We usually leave before the end but somehow Thomas and I were still eating our strawberry cakes in the dinner hall when the clock struck 12 and they reduced every piece of rubbish in the hall to 10p and Léon and Anna proceeded to spend all the money I'd given them on toys more hideous, bulky and useless than anything I've ever handed in, with first prize going to Anna for choosing this mangy, demonic, jaundiced clown-baby doll that is already giving me nightmares!

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