Saturday, January 02, 2010


So I woke up at 3-30am exactly with a twinge in the belly. A second one came at 3-45am and a third at 4am... I started trying to psych myself up for the long night ahead and found that surprisingly difficult compared to the previous times, I assume because of the threat of her size...
After 4am things got worse, with contractions at 4-11am, 4-21am, 4-31am, 4-42am, and 4-50am. I was lying still in bed hoping to be able to make it through to daybreak, given de-icing not only our car but also the grandparents' one so they could come and babysit in the middle of the night was no simple task on the coldest night of the year. Factoring in a potential hour of de-icing, remembering my hospital notes are stamped 'Previous precipitous delivery' and adding in colossal Baked's potential to become wedged in my pelvis, thus necessitating the dreaded section, I reluctantly turned round to waken Thomas at 5am. He was fast asleep and didn't respond. I tried again and caught a glimpse of the time... 5-03am... wait a minute, what happened to the 5am contraction? I lay still and watched the clock till 5-20am - nothing, not a sausage. Turning over had completely stopped everything. Back to square one and trying to unpsych myself, I finally fell asleep as the clock hit 6am :-(

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