Thursday, December 31, 2009


And another thing while I'm ranting... I don't get the Maths...
The hospital told me on 2 December that the baby was 3.1kg. The hospital told me on 30 December the baby was 3.7kg. So she grew 600g in 28 days, or an average of 21.4g a day. I have ten days of my pregnancy remaining, supposedly, so I would estimate Baked's birthweight on 9 January to be 3.9kg, not 4.5kg. Can it really be that they expect her to grow at 80g a day from now on, ie four times more than she has grown in the last month????
What a load of nonsense!

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The Scudder said...

I just knew that Uni education would come in useful one day !
Obviously the Medical profession don't do Maths ?
I make the we'an's weight the same as you in 10 days time ( or in real money ,, 8 1/2 Lbs ! )
You stick to your guns pet ,, & bugger their holiday schedule "