Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I know rumour has it I am going to be 42 next week, but given I am from the UK, admitting that I have never made jam, marmalade or anything similar in my life does not single me out as terribly odd. One of the first questions my first mother-in-law asked me at 18 was what my favourite jam to make was - I was quite embarrassed to admit I didn't know how to make jam, she dubbed me an 'intello' thereafter, and never revised that opinion! Thomas decided yesterday to make marmalade (see here on the left), (which seems to have become whisky marmalade somewhere along the line) and I watched. It actually seemed easy! I mentioned how much I like lemon curd and he dug me out a recipe. I decided to rope in Charlotte as a scapegautier in case I failed miserably! So today after school Lots and I made our first batch of lemon curd (here on the right) and it's bloody brilliant - so good I am tempted to try lime or orange curd tomorrow! That's next Xmas sorted - small homemade preserves for everyone :-)

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