Monday, January 11, 2010


Maybe I am not one to judge, given I have never played it but I am seriously beginning to wonder about the kids' current obsession with Farmville on Facebook. At Hogmanay I had arranged to take them to their aunt and uncle overnight with all-night partying and the works. Already a sleepover there is their favourite thing so a New Year one is fun with bells (no pun intended) on.
Are you ready Marcel? I asked around 7pm. He looked vaguely panicked and exclaimed... But I have sixty-seven poinsettias to harvest at 10pm... oh, do you think Derek will lend me his computer for ten minutes?
Sixty-seven poinsettias???? You are a 12 year old boy, you shouldn't even know what a poinsettia is!
Then tonight, Charlotte burst in on me in the bath.
I've done something really stupid! she announced. Oh dear... What? I wondered... but before I could ask, she too was worrying herself silly that she had planted a batch of two-day crops at 3-10pm on Saturday and could I bring a charged laptop to the school gate tomorrow at 3pm when I pick her up and she'll try to run out by 3-09pm to harvest them.
Have they lost their marbles?

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