Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Team Chaos Live
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The kids have an Xbox 360. I assume this is the case for many kids. You create yourself an avatar - a virtual you - that you use to represent you when you are playing in the house or online against school friends.
Marcel created the first avatar of course because he's 12. That meant that the other kids also wanted an avatar. First Lots tried to make one. You chose between pre-defined bodies, hair, clothes, colouring etc. Charlotte's problem with her (not -out-of-the-ordinary-for-a-nine-year-old) waist length hair is that the avatars can't have hair longer than shoulder length, despite there being four or five pages of hairdos to choose from. So Charlotte's avatar doesn't look like her.
Of course, no sooner had Lots made one than Pudge and Bits wanted one each too. Pudge wasn't an issue - you can do wee boys, but Anna encountered a new problem. All the female avatars have boobs! I know Anna is a bit young for Xbox, but kids happily play on them from five upwards. How many five year old girls have short hair and boobs?
Given my kids also have a wii, where making a child avatar is simple, I wonder what Xbox is thinking about?

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Dinapigen said...

My husband tried to create a Mii that looked like himself, but discovered that no male Miis/avatars had long hair joint in a ponytail...

That being said it is frightening that young people, perhaps a bit older than Anna, are being confronted with boobs and other characteristics that are part of the grown up's world while they are still young kids. Why boobs? Why makeup? It should not be necessary; however I believe its sells better than avatars that only look like kids.