Saturday, December 19, 2009


I guess you can love someone without loving everything about that person!
Thomas has just one character trait I will never get used to. It makes me cringe, faint in horror and want to scream and cry. I can't even bear to watch him do this between about September and March in Scotland every year. It sends shivers up my spine! I wonder if he's certifiable?


The Scudder said...

Definitely certifiable .,.,
Watch he doesn't convert all your kids & leave you as the odd one out !!
The Yeti do it too btw .,., :(
You sure he's from Denmark and not Canada ??

Sebastian said...

Barnet fik da lov at beholde skoene på ,)

Har han ikke været ude og rulle sig i sneen efter en tur i sauna endnu?

Men den slags er I måske ikke så heldige at have i nærheden - det er ellers dejligt - en skam, at vi heller ikke har en sauna ;(

Nej nej, han fejler ikke noget. Det styrker sikkert blodomløbet og er sundt.

Phyl said...

Brrrr - it just makes me shiver - give me boots, and a warm coat any day!