Sunday, May 17, 2009


There is, of course, so much that could be said that a book rather than a blog posting should be written but two things keep running through my mind.
Firstly, their attitude that all will be well again if they just pay it back. I don't get that. If I had billed my ex-employer for expenses for 10 flights to London then I accidentally actually forgot to go on the trips, I imagine, looking at my old contract that that might have been construed as gross misconduct and I'd have found myself out of a job faster than an MP could claim £20k. And if I had stolen a leg of lamb out of ASDA and been caught at the door, I'm not sure 'Don't worry I'll just pay for it now', would have got me off scott free.
Secondly, and this really sticks in my gut, if these grubby-pawed crooks have a spare £20k sitting in their bank accounts to just pay expenses back at the height of the worst recession in 100 years when the rest of us are losing our jobs then their salaries are more than adequate. Let's face it - they won't find a bank to lend them their overpayments at the moment, will they?

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