Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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This article annoyed me this morning. It advocates that because we have a better standard of living because of technological developments, caesareans are also a good thing. Of course they are, no one is disputing that. If 1 in 16 used to die in childbirth and still do in Africa, being able to opt for a caesarean when your baby gets stuck or is in distress is a wonderful development. Having a caesarean is perfect when the mother has some underlying health problem too. But mathematically speaking if 1 in 16 births is life threatening then why are 1 in 3 resulting in a caesarean in developed countries? What enrages me is people opting for caesareans thinking they are an easy get-out? Who is kidding who here? Because I had a natural birth with no drugs, I could leave hospital as soon as Anna was born. Two weeks after giving birth to Anna I was completely healed, in all places and back to normal down below. How many poor women who've gone for the 'easy caesarean option' can say that? I am all for medical caesareans. Some of my best friends wouldn't have been here today without them, but cosmetic caesareans should be binned. Let's try to move away from that crazy 1 in 3 figure for the sake of the mother's health.

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