Sunday, May 03, 2009


Here is a photo of the corner of my living room in the beautiful flat I owned until the beginning of 2002 in Dowanhill. (Isn't the cornicing stunning?) You may notice I have no curtains. As you can see, I had blinds fitted to the four window panes but no curtains because to get six curtains with a 3 metre drop back then would have cost almost as much as the mortgage. Every curtain shop in Glasgow seemed to supply curtains that either reached down to the floor in a modern house, or reached down to the window ledge. There were just no options other than to make my own (and anyone who knows me knows I would rather attempt to fly a helicopter wearing a blindfold than to sew something from scratch).
Now here's the ad: I was in Ikea the other week looking for curtain poles for my modern house when I noticed all Ikea curtains now come in a 3 metre drop and start at about £20 a pair. If your wall is shorter, obviously you can cut them to length but if you live in the West End you can now access affordable curtains! How cool is that?
I might buy a few spare pairs in case I ever move back one day. (That is if the kids can afford to leave home in this economic climate before I'm too old to manage the close stairs!)

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