Sunday, May 17, 2009


I know I am a language nerd who lives with a language nerd but is it just us who are weird or is Norton particularly linguistically challenged?
Firstly he looks surprised when Romania gives Moldova 12 points when no one else has given them 12 - Look up wikipedia Graham - check which languages the 2 countries speak. Then we get to Finland's 12 points and he says: Oh this is bound to be for Denmark - no Finnish is nothing like Danish - Finnish isn't like much else in the world except Estonian - Thomas and I shout in unison at the screen 12 points to Estonia - and the Finn repeats we give our 12 points to Estonia and again Norton is heard scratching his napper, totally puzzled and so it went on throughout the show. Ho hum!


Harry Campbell said...

I suppose it's fair to say he wasn't booked for his geopolitical awareness and knowledge of world affairs. And just cos the Finnish and Danish languages are unrelated doesn't mean they might not feel some kind of shared Scandinavian identity and vote for each other, surely?

Phyl said...

Sure but it was a fair bet they'd give Estonia sth and the 12 was all that was left!

Phyl said...
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