Saturday, July 19, 2008


Bumps on A head
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Today we went to B&Q to buy some wood and screws to put up the kitchen cabinets. We put our purchases in the boot and decided to pop into Lidl for some lunch on the way back. Thomas closed the boot... on my head. A C8 has quite a heavy hatchback :-( Since then I've had a bit of a headache and I'm definitely not quite myself. I put on some potatoes and despite Thomas asking several times if I'd checked them, it was surprising to find that 40 minutes later they were overcooked. Then I offered Léon a bath at 9pm because I felt it was hours earlier. It is like I have lost some sense of time. I also seem to be having a bit of a memory problem. It took me 10 minutes to recall who had won Euro 2008 and the Apprentice and I wasn't overly sure which hand I usually use to cut things! Let's see how my brain's doing tomorrow before I sue the Dane...

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