Tuesday, July 01, 2008


In prehistoric times I guess a woman looked for a man who looked strong and healthy - the type who might bring home a decent sized dead animal.
In more recent times, say last century, I suppose women went for the intellectual type, maybe with a good job or career prospects. Thomas and I were discussing the other day what today's and tomorrow's woman should be looking for in a man - what we would advise Lots, should she ask us in the future. We concluded that in modern times, the single most important trait to look for in a potential partner is his ability to look after the kids. I think any woman marrying today should ask herself - If we end up divorced, would I trust this man to look after our kids alone, abroad on a 2 week holiday? If the answer is no, think long and hard about whether he is right for you!
Cynical, me? Never!

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The Scudder said...

Now that he's arrived I'm sure you have nothing to fret about ,,,
You could perhaps worry a little again on the homeward leg ! :)
But once you have them back I'm sure HE'LL heave a great sigh of relief !! I imagine 2-weeks with 3-kids, Oma & Annick might just have cured him of demanding his Children quite so often ?