Sunday, July 06, 2008


Cynthia, Karen and I
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What is it with hairdressers? Either they don't listen or they just think they know what is best anyway.
On Saturday Thomas and I were invited to my friend Siobhan's wedding. (A turn around in luck at last. Siobhan is a friend from my old Queen Mother's Breast feeding group. We've been a close group of friends since 1997. We all met when we had our first baby. We all subsequently split from our partners and divorced and Siobhan is the first of the group to remarry!)
So I thought, given my hair needed cutting anyway, if I got it cut Saturday, it would be nice for the wedding.
How would you like it? she asked - granted it was early Saturday morning, the girl looked hungover and apologized for having puffy eyes but she'd been fighting with her boyfriend and crying. I should have known her head was elsewhere. I asked for it shoulder length all the way round. She cut it more or less to the length I wanted, then proceeded to cut layers into it all round without confirming I wanted them, which I didn't. I actually wanted it like a slightly longer version of Karen's (my blonde friend in this photo.) I guess her hairdresser had had a better Friday night than mine.


The Scudder said...

You could sue !

The Scudder said...

And if her name happened to be Sue ,, you could sue Sue !