Monday, July 28, 2008


My boy
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Today my first baby turned 11 - (14 minutes ago!) Childhood sure passes quicker from the parents' perspective than from the child's :-(
I can hardly believe he's already up to my eyebrows... what happened to that
wee man from 1997?
Anyway, with a glorious day we decided that we should have a family barbecue in the garden to celebrate, which seems to have gone down well. The only (near) disaster of the day being a game of darts. He'd wanted a dartboard for ages so I bought him one hoping he wouldn't be too silly around his younger siblings. All was going well - playing darts with the board stuck on the garage wall - until he decided to see if he could throw the dart from further away than recommended. To compensate for the expected problem of gravity he threw it high and fast. Instead of hitting the dartboard, the dart cleared the garage roof and disappeared altogether. After and exhaustive search the other side of our garage, he entered the neighbour's garden in trepidation - I had suggested he might find the neighbour dead on the other side of fence with a dart sticking out of his forehead. Fortunately he found the neighbour sipping coffee sitting several feet from the dart that was sticking out of his flowerbed. I hope that has taught him an important life lesson!?

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