Wednesday, July 02, 2008


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I'm beginning to think this Life begins at 40 is a load of nonsense. I found my first ever grey hair a couple of weeks after I turned 40, and last week I found a second one. Then today I had an eye test and was told I could use some glasses for reading, though my distance vision is perfect. God, I'll be needing a hip replacement any day at this rate! Humph...


The Scudder said...

Please be very careful when you put in your first appearance in glasses ,.,. You look enough like your namesake without them but with specs on I anticipate a spooky, scarey experience !

The Scudder said...

Oh & if it's in the genes then yes ,, you CAN anticipate a hip problem later too !
Oh God, this is all getting too freaky !!

Phyl said...

given they are for reading small print, not books etc you are unlikely to see me in them!

The Scudder said...

Life does not, of course, begin proverbially at 40, but achieving that landmark does provide an appropriate opportunity for reflection. It is a pertinent time to look back in honest assessment at the successes and failures down the years, and, hopefully, use the experiences gained to chart a passage for the future.
So there ! ,,,