Friday, March 14, 2008


Alphabet 03
Originally uploaded by Leo Reynolds
What? yes - that's the new alphabet! Léon has an aquadraw toy, and around the edge are pictures in alphabetical order to help teach the alphabet. I asked Léon what the pictures were of to see how he saw it.
The actual pictures are shown here in blue - Léon's interpretation of each is in red:
aeroplane (hoiplane), bananas (nanas), car (car), dog (doggy), elephant (elephlint), frog (frog), gift (presents), hen (crocodile), ice lolly (ice cream), jelly (chicken!), koala (snowman), lorry (truck), mouse (mouse), net (haler = it is what he calls his asthma inhaler), orange (orange), penguin (snowman), queen (lady), rocket (broken boy), submarine (space ship), television (TV), umbrella (træsko = Danish for 'clogs'), violin (piano = a generic term for any musical instrument for Léon), xylophone (box), yacht (boat), zebra (reba).
I guess this shows the importance of clear, rather than trendy drawings when you try to teach kids things!

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