Sunday, March 02, 2008


Tonight I was flicking through the channels when to my delight I found The Graduate. This has to be one of my favourite films. I haven't seen it in twenty years and yet I remember whole chunks verbatim. I have just cringed and giggled my way through the scene where Ben announces to his parents that he is going to marry Elaine.
Strangely though, the last time I watched this film I was 20 so equated myself with the character Ben, and thought of Mrs Robinson as being like my parents' friends. I just checked wikipedia and found out Anne Bancroft was 36 when she made this movie - 4 years younger than me, and yet I still think of myself more as Ben's age group than Mrs Robinson's - weird. When I look at Anne Bancroft I see someone a whole generation older than myself. Is that because she was my age a generation ago, or am I still in denial, or something?

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