Sunday, January 07, 2007


An emergency button
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If you've been on my flickr page recently, you are probably curious about this photo. You may be assuming I have a post-New year hangover, or a dose of the winter vomiting virus like the rest of my family, but no, I am not kneeling in front of a toilet to vomit. During Charlotte's birthday lunch in Stansted airport, Pudge filled his nappy. I went to look for a place to change him. The disabled toilet was, as usual, the place to change nappies. I put him down on the floor and opened my bag to get a nappy. I met my reflection in the mirror. I looked dreadful - I had been up since 6am, travelled already on one plane and hadn't had a shower. I was so appalled at my appearance I thought I had better cover it with the bare minimum of make-up. I took out mascara and eye liner. I did one eye. It took less than 20 seconds. At that moment someone started pounding on the toilet door. 'Open up, open up! Are you ok in there?', they shouted. Huh? I know I am not technically meant to be in a disabled toilet as I am not disabled, but I did have a baby's nappy to change and had been inside less than 20 seconds so I was a wee bit taken aback by the strength of the reaction outside. I spent 4 or 5 seconds doing the other eye so I didn't look like a complete weirdo when I opened up, then rushed to the door, nappy in hand to explain I was changing Pudge so was allowed to be there. When I opened I heard the alarm bells ringing, saw the flashing lights, and was confronted by 2 guards who asked 'Why did you push the panic button?' I guess it had taken less than 20 seconds for Léon to discover an exciting new toy behind my back at eye level! How embarrassing!

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