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Something happened on Saturday that came close to the wasp experience on the scale of abnormality. Gordon turned one last Thursday so Derek and Amanda were throwing a big family party on Saturday to mark the occasion. To make the kids feel important, I suggested they each make him a birthday cake as the guests were going to number 60 or more. We told them they could choose any icing colour, and decorations, any wording - the only stipulation was that is was to be all their own work. Things didn't start too well. On Thursday when I went to buy the ingredients, the kids were already niggling at one another. I asked what colour they were thinking of making their cakes. Charlotte said 'green'. Marcel said he was going to make his red, yellow and black to represent Partick Thistle. When Charlotte contemplated changing to the red, yellow and black icing Marcel stropped off moaning she was a cheat and a pain who always stole his best ideas. Five minutes later I was in stitches when the conversation ran something like:
Me: what are you going to write on your cake?
Marcel: I'm not telling you in front of her, she'll just steal that idea too.
Charlotte: Well I'm gonna write 'Happy Birthday Gordon!'
Marcel: No way! She cheated - that's what I was gonna write! How did she steal my idea? I hate her, she's a bitch, she's ruining my life!
Come on....
Anyway I fully suspected the baking episode would pass off much the same and possibly end with one sibling shoving the other face first into their newly iced cake! But during the whole hour or two of baking and decorating peace and tranquility reigned. No shouting, no arguing, no swearing, no hitting. They had fun, the cooperated, they even complimented each other. Maybe because they did finally opt for very different colours and writing, neither felt threatened and they had a whale of a time. I wonder if UN peace keepers have ever considered cake-baking activities in the war zones on this planet? Maybe that would actually work? :-)

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