Sunday, January 07, 2007


Léon's 16th flight
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Léon took his 16th flight in his short 15 months on Thursday - of all my kids I think he's the one most likely to sprout wings as he's certainly notched up a good many more miles than I had at 15 months - I think I had probably been on a day trip to Largs once by that age - how a way of life can change in just one generation! I might try to work out how many Pudge-miles he's actually clocked up so far if a get a free minute over the next few days. Or maybe someone else might like to take up the challenge:
1) Prestwick-Hahn (Germany)
2) Hahn-
3) Prestwick-Beauvais (France)
4) Beauvais-
5) Edinburgh-Nice (France)
6) Nice-Edinburgh
7) Prestwick-Hahn
8) Hahn-Prestwick
9) Glasgow-Newark (New Jersey)
10) Newark-Glasgow
11) Prestwick-Riga(Latvia)
12) Riga-Prestwick
13) Glasgow-Stansted
14) Stansted-Aarhus(Denmark)
15) Aarhus-Stansted
16) Stansted-Glasgow

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