Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Is it just me or are we in danger of developing into a species with no legs? I was in London and Denmark over Xmas - ie I was in a few very large airports and more and more children either zoomed past me on the most ridiculous of footwear . I even saw one in ASDA yesterday and she couldn't have been any older than Marcel. Her dad was pushing a trolley and she was holding the side of it being pulled effortlessly around the shop. Give me strength! Am I alone in believing any parent in their right mind should simply stamp their feet like a spoilt three year old when their adolescent requests these and shout 'NO, NO, NO!'? I have nothing against roller blades, skateboards etc - if they want to have fun, let them have fun - but these are just awful - they cruise past you, or worse still I see and adult pushing a large airport trolley loaded down with suitcases and some lazy neanderthal teenager hanging onto the back actually being dragged along on their wheels - We get little enough exercise these days without encouraging kids to be pulled about on a string. And as for walking - have you ever seen a kid actually attempt to walk in these things? - they hunch forward at an awkward back breaking angle, damaging their posture and spinal cord no doubt, and they are so damned heavy that if they actually try to lift their feet off the ground to walk properly, they positively look like Quasimodo is trying to walk to the loo having wet his pants! Anyway Marcel and Charlotte saw these in Stansted and think they are 'cool' - endlessly they beg for a pair - sorry guys - if you are to get some, they won't be coming out of my bank account!

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