Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well, I was beginning to wonder if I had been hearing things earlier. Both Jeremy Vine and Steve Wright had mentioned in several news bulletins throughout the afternoon that the whole of the East of Scotland was on red alert, that Edinburgh airport was closed because of a 'major security alert', that the traffic had ground to a halt, that planes were being allowed to land but the terminal building had been evacuated and they were checking in the later flights in the on-site Hilton hotel. God, I thought, this is major. Of course it was major - if it had been on Heathrow it would have been number one on all the web pages and first story on the evening news. I turned on my computer when I got home at 4pm and the BBC didn't even seem to be running the story. Had I imagined it? I turned on the news at 6-30pm, this time on ITV and listened to the main headlines - again no mention. I assumed it was one of two possibilities - I was barking mad and had imagined the whole thing or it was just the usual - it doesn't count because it is a story about Scotland and here in the UK we only really exist in our own eyes, we certainly don't exist south of Manchester!
Anyway, it turns out to be the latter, as the story has finally popped up in one tiny hidden article on the BBC Scotland web page. Worse still now I have read the scale of the alert, I truly wonder if the world has gone mad. Sure there are terrorists, we have to be more vigilant than 30 years ago but my god, what a song and dance for an ownerless rucksack, no?

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Thomas Widmann said...

It wasn't just an ownerless rucksack, it was a new ownerless rucksack. Everybody knows terrorists only use brand-new rucksacks and alway place them in visible places.