Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Poor wee hands

One thing we have noticed here, now the under 11s have been back at school for three and a bit weeks, is the toll it's taking on their skin. Trying to be very careful and sensible, they are washing hands on arrival, at the end of every period, sanitising their laptops before and after use and washing every time they eat anything, blow their noses and when they leave in the afternoon etc. Amaia's are now red enough that you can see a line where her long sleeves usually stop and her hands start, and her skin is dry and rough. She's now taking her own bar of milder soap to school in a box and has that super-strength Norwegian hand cream in her bag and still this is the result, but many of the kids whose skin is more sensitive are having even more problems than she is. So, there are downsides too to being super-sensible. It's something to bear in mind when other countries start opening their schools. Buy the hand cream now and beat the stampede!

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