Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Far gris!

Last night we went to Ikea to buy a bed for Lots, assuming the buggers on the border ever let her come home 😒

As we were walking towards the entrance, a small red-haired child coming towards us in a buggy started shaking with excitement, clapping and shrieking something I couldn't make out for the dummy in her mouth, her mother looked around puzzled but couldn't work out the source of her outburst. Thomas was a step ahead of me wearing an open jacket, so I didn't put two and two together till we were inside. Walking through the pots and pans section, another child about the same age, maybe a year older, this time on foot, broke free from her father's grip and launched herself at high speed through between the kitchen utensils shouting 'far gris, far gris' (daddy pig) and pointing at Thomas before trying her best to climb up his leg, only to be dragged off my a rather embarrassed looking daddy of her own!

We had a wee chuckle to ourselves as Thomas received this as a gift from Amaia and Anna a few years ago and had never been given the Justin Bieber style groupie treatment while out walking anywhere in Scotland. I guess Danish children feel a bit freer with their affection in public, or maybe this lockdown is making everyone a little crazy!

I guess the favourite programme amongst female Danish preschoolers must be Peppa Pig, or Gurli Gris as she is known here...

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