Saturday, April 11, 2020

Washing or Easter

Even after nearly 23 years as a parent, one of the kids can still occasionally come out with something so wholly inappropriate, you just have to laugh out loud.

When we moved in here last September, there was no drying line. There was a tumble drier (back in Scotland I had both), so we used that all winter, but the last month has been glorious and that seemed a bit of a waste of cash, so we ordered some drying poles from a local plant nursery and they were delivered last week. All that remained was to buy some fence post concrete and we were in business.

Thomas dug them in, beside our big blue tool room, then left them to dry, tethered down, for a couple of days before adding the drying ropes. I even joked to him that our orchard was looking a bit like Golgotha on my way to the car one morning...

 I'm not sure if Amaia hadn't realised it was a washing line or what, but I nearly choked when she asked what 'that Easter thing' we were building on the hill was and added, before I could reply 'if we have an old teddy or something like that we could nail it on!'

Not very pc, but definitely made my day!

We have since pointed out it is not an Easter decoration!

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