Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Lockdown update - Denmark

So, last night we spent an hour watching a long press conference with the PM... Given Denmark, so far, has things under control, the government has decided to do a gradual reopening, starting in phase one with allowing all under 11s to go back to school (as they have been shown to be least affected) from April 15th. Given my kids here are 14,12 & 10, all hell then broke loose in my house! Amaia doesn't see why she should be the only one going out every day, taking the bus alone and working hard. Anna doesn't want to be forced to get up early for breakfast with Amaia, she'd rather Amaia just got up and went out alone. We pointed out it is the least the rest of us can do, resulting in much harrumphing. And poor Léon is just falling apart. He's such a social animal. There had been so many rumours over the last week that the big ones would go back first as they are at a more critical point of education, but unfortunately for him, the figures show the little ones are much less likely to catch, transmit, hang out with friends etc so they're a much safer group to be phase one...  Thomas and I are still going to be working from home for at least a month too 🙄

And finally, the borders are still closed too so I can't get to my other kids so I'm devastated. Marcel is with his girlfriend and her family so seems ok, but Lots is completely alone and has basically no human contact other than my daily call. She's stuck in a flat so can't even sit in the sun. I'm not sure how much longer she'll cope with the loneliness. And I'm sitting here wondering when I'll be able to get her home.

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