Sunday, July 19, 2015

Slug warrior


Now this is what I call dedication.

After discovering a week ago that our garden had become overrun with slugs (our courgettes, sunflowers, chilis and squashes were disappearing overnight and the potatoes and cabbage were also becoming overly holey), Thomas set out to reclaim our territory. Not wanting to spread poison on food we are growing for our own consumption, he decided the best bet was simply to catch and kill them. I followed him around for three nights illuminating the raised beds, the greenhouse and the lawn with my mobile phone as he filled several large jars with juicy blighters, mixed with cooking salt, of course. The weather has now taken a turn for the worse. My phone can't stand the rain and I can't stomach the cold so a new solution has been found... a 22 LED caving lamp off Ebay (at the impressive sum of £2.50!), some disposable plastic gloves from Makro and several more jars and he can now hunt slugs, alone till his heart's content! We will win this one!

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