Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A subconscious mismatch of perception

So Marcel is off today in Edinburgh at an all-day interview with a well-known banking group, trying to win a university scholarship. I am at home with the other four. I dropped him in Glasgow around 6-30am, all suited and booted with his cappuccino-to-go. I left him half way up Bothwell Street about fifteen minutes before his train, if you want to be precise. And does he think to text me at any point between 6-45am and 8-45am, when he was to have found the building somewhere in Haymarket and found the interview panel? Of course not!

You see, he knows he's an adult and can find his way to the station in Glasgow, buy the right ticket, get to Edinburgh and wander around with his GPS on his phone looking for the building in question and get there in plenty of time. Consciously, I know it too - he's trekked in the Himalayas, so of course he can. But it was only yesterday I gave birth to him, so a teeny wee text saying 'I managed to find the place, mum' wouldn't go amiss!

I guess I'll just sit here till 8pm then?


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